Latest Product module


Latest Product module is created from EShop Product core module to show latest product in a module position.


1. Latest Product Display

In the Fashion Pro Template, Latest Product module is chosen to show at "latest-product" module position on the home page. The module simply show the thumbnail image, the product name, product price, add to cart button. It supports the navigation buttons to allow you to view more products the the slide mode.

Latest Product Display


2. Latest Product Setting

  1. Module position: latest-product
  2. Show title: Latest Product
  3. Module Suffix: NOT USED
  4. Layout: Navigation
  5. Display: Latest Products
  6. Number of displayed products: 12
  7. Products per row/page: 4
  8. Show tootip: YES
  9. Show Product Price: YES
  10. Show Cart/Wishlist/Compare/Rating/Labels: SHOW ALL
  11. Thumbnail width: 270
  12. Thumbnail height: 360
  13. Menu Assignment: Only Homepage