Template customization


In the order to customize the template, you must enable the development mode and ThemeMagic

Development Mode


1. Customize layout width

There are 3 ways to customize layout width

Way 1 - CLick on Layout tab, then you can choose 2 layouts full-width of boxed

Customize Layout Width Way 1


Way 2 - Open the file templates\eshop_fashion_pro\less\variables.less, find and change the following code

Customize Layout Width Way 2


Way 3 - Click on ThemeMagic -> Point to Grid, click on it, and change the value

Customize Layout Width Way 3


2. Change Logo Type

Click on Theme tab, you will be able to change Logo Type, add image or text as logo.

Change Logo Type


3. Change Theme

EShop Fashion Pro supports 7 colors theme, simply go to Theme tab to choose a theme that you want

Change Theme


4. Customize Copyrights Info

The copyrights of Eshop_fashion_pro is located in the file: templates\eshop_fashion_pro\html\mod_footer\default.php, open the file and change the info below:

<small><?php echo $lineone; ?></small>


5. Customize "back-to-top" button

The "Back to top" button allows you to quickly navigate to the top of your site, it appear in right bottom of the site when scroll down. In Eshop_fashion_pro, it's supported by default and you can customize it like changing icon, changing style, etc.

5.1. Enable "back-to-top"

Click on Config Custom tab to enable Back To Top button

Enable Back To Top


5.2. Customize "back-to-top"

Open the templates/eshop_fashion_pro/tpls/blocks/footer.php and find the following code to customize "back-to-top" button.

Customize Back To Top