Top Sellers module


Top Sellers Product module is created from EShop Product core module to show top sellers product in a module position.


1. Top Sellers Product Display

In the Fashion Pro Template, Top Sellers Product module is chosen to show at "sidebar-1" module position on the home page. The module simply show the thumbnail image, the product name, short description and price of product.

Top Sellers Product Display


2. Top Sellers Product Setting

Go to Extensions->Module Manager, then click on Top Sellers Product module on the list to edit/change settings for the module.

  1. At Layout, choose slider.
  2. EShop Product module supports some types of displayed product. In this module, you should choose Top Sellers Products to display.
  3. You can specify number of products to show (5), number of products per page (1).
  4. You also have options to turn Tool tip, buttons ON/OFF.
  5. If you want to change the image size of products in the module, you can also change value of Thumbnail width and Thumbnail height. However, the best ratio should be 3:4.
  6. Remain settings should be exact same as any other standard Joomla modules.

Top Sellers Product Setting